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vastu consultant in chennai,Tamilnadu


Full Description

I do clean a site, commence a building, fix a door and roofing in an auspicious month, day, thithi, naksathra, yoga, lagna, grahas positions from lagna and saguna which is mentioned in vedic vastu sasthra hundreds of years ago. These help us to finish the building without any hindrance..
Following these things are not easy for consultants. Vastu consultants must have significant knowledge in other things like vastu rituals, astrology, and sufficient experience in spiritual things beyond vastu. I challenge to everyone who wants to test , I will prove vastu, time and rituals are TRUE.
Results of vastu:
We can change our life when we begin to build a new building or begin alterations in our existing building at an auspicious time with vastu principles. Every vastu ritual and vastu custom has a spiritual meaning, positive and healing energy. When we follow vastu we will get prosperity, fame, promotions, business developments, good kids, and their wellness, fulfillment in livings, unexpected fortunes, and can avoid debts, late marriages, loses in business, feuds, court cases, hospital expenses, sudden deaths, and unexpected evil accidents. Even a small vastu remedy will give abundant fortunes in practical.
About my visit and fees:
I myself shall come to your site if your site is within 25kms from Udumalpet . If your site or building would be away, you would have to arrange a vehicle to pick up me. You may call me to get appointment over my mobile no. 9976662555. Fee for the sketch is Rs.2500 up to 3000sqft.
Online vastu consultation
Selecting online consultation might be a right option. After I hear your requirements over phone, I will send the prompt finalized sketch to your new building or will send rectified sketch mentioning the reasons for my every remedy to your existing building. I make sure to discuss every single issue with you before rendering the service.
Vastu Plan
I will draw the detailed auto cad sketch which consists rooms, doors, windows, ventilators, low roofs, with measurements, plumber sketch, furnishing sketch and electrical sketch to a new building. You can finish your building without any doubt with the help of this detailed sketch.
“Every building has its life…
And every building is my life!”
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