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    vastu consultant in chennai,Tamilnadu

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    I am Ramakrishnan, a vastu consultant of Tamilnadu. I am seeing vastu for 17 years . I have built over 1000 buildings and have renovated over 5000 buildings giving exact reason to my clients whenever I do every work in their buildings. How I see? When I started to research this sasthra, it was known as Manayadi sasthram. Only in late 90s, this was known to common man on a name of vastu sasthram. Since then, many books are being written with same points by various writers to create a place for them in this field. Many consultants are doing vastu works reading these kinds of books. They don't know the techniques beyond the definitions of the books due to lack of spiritual and practical knowledge. In addition to this, some books differ from each other due to show their peculiarity! It causes differences and confusions among consultants. Many books state that, time and place are not important except vastu principle. You can see some buildings being uncompleted, even it has been followed vastu rules. How does it happen? The reason is commencing time and place.