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Old Age Homes

  • Aathmaalayam


    Senior Citizen Home

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    We aim to provide the best of health and other co-related facilities that eliminate negative influences& stress induced diseases through nature blessed treatment forms such as Naturopathy and Yoga. We seek to enhance the quality of health, self sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere.
  • S.V.Home


    S.V.home for Aged

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    The founder of S.V. Home for Aged, Ms.V.Sukuna is a person with a mission. Tounched by the sufferings of the old, she decided to dedicate her life. Though she was hampered by lack of funds, she plunged into the project with prayer. Miraculously, she found many who were willing to take up the cause along with her.
  • Kaakkum Karangal

    Kaakkum Karangal

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    Kaakkum Karangal is a haven for the old aged forsaken destitute and orphaned children. Presently, there are six homes housing 250 old aged citizens and 150 school going children and 10 spastic and infants, all are orphaned children. In our homes, we have inmates who are just one year old to those who are aged 90.We provide shelter...