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Health Clubs

  • Acme Fitness

    Acme Fitness

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    At Acme Fitness we believe that working out should be fun. And should be a part of everybody’s day to day life. Because there is so much more to fitness than just rippling muscles and six pack abs. It makes the mind sharper. It makes the body respond to stress better. And it simply brings on a lighter mood.Reason why, we have the widest range of international brands in fitness that helps everybody have fun, while staying fit. At home. At work. At anywhere.
  • Madras Gymkhana club

    Madras Gymkhana club

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    If you were to look up the word “Gymkhana”, in the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning you would elucidate is “A location which tests the skills of its competitors”. It is exactly, with this in mind that the British came up with the idea of this association, a small British colony where they could socialize and play sport, an association which would hence forever be referred to around India as the “Gymkhana”.
  • Spartan Fitness Centres

    Spartan Fitness Centres

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    Spartan fitness center is an amazing health club across Chennai,India.Spartan is located in one of the posh and most happening residential areas in the city at Virugambakkam. This is the place which houses the most eminent personalities connected with the film industry. This being the only state-of-the-art gym in the locality with a host of user-friendly facilities, it has the potential to attract clients from all walks of life, even from the neighbouring localities.