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Personal Fitness Training

  • Karma Fitness

    Karma Fitness

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    Influenced by Cliff Hanger and Terminator, this once lanky lad dreamt of a body beautiful and started regular exercises. His early exercise regimes involved picking up heavy loads off a truck. After completing a course in fitness, he took gym instructions and quickly carved a path to glory in body building. He is the winner of titles such as Mr.Tamilnadu and Mr.South India. He has been a finalist in Mr. India competition.
  • Fitness Track

    Fitness Track

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    I AM CERTIFIED FITNESS TRAINER WITH MORE THAN 9 YRS OF EXPERIENCE We are providing personal fitness training programme for individuals on door to door basis, Tone up your body through work out, to improve your Cardio endurance, Strengthening the muscles, Stebility and Flexibility, Strengthening the Low back, Destroy fat, reduce the Obisity, Maintaining good Physical Fitness, GOING TO GET MARRY AND WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT IN JUST SHORT TIME. ALSO GET DIET AND CALORIE CHART AND GET SUPPLIMENTATION KNOWLEDGE ALSO. Get better health and stay fit