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Eye Banks

  • Aravind Eye Care

    Aravind Eye Care

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    The corneal globe is evaluated under the slit lamp .It enables the ophthalmologist / eye bank technicians to study the layers of the cornea individually (Epithelium, Stroma & endothelium). Corneal defects can be identified. The slit lamp view helps assess the qualitative strength of the endothelium (the inner layer of the cornea) and decide its utility for Penetrating Keratoplasty or therapeutic, research and training purposes.
  • Vasan Eye Care

    Vasan Eye Care

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    Being the World's largest eye care hospital network, we promote and support eye donation through our advanced eye bank service, which is strengthened by our experience of over 60 years in providing the best in eye care. This is the largest eye bank chain in South India and functions at 6 eye banks across 60 eye collection centres. With Vasan, you can ensure world-class services with care, anywhere, anytime.
  • Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust

    Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust

    Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust & RIO-GOH Research Foundation

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    When we have an excess of anything be it wealth, talent, knowledge, ability or experience we have an obligation to share that excess with others In ways that make a difference. From time memories philanthropists experience great joy and satisfaction in donating money for noble causes eg. (Annadhannam), Education (Kalvi Dhanam), Clothing and for Medical Treatment of the needy. The noblest of all donations undoubtedly is the gift of sight. Unlike other organ donation, which are from live donors, eyes are removed only after the death of the individual. Why burn or bury the eyes of your loved one when they can be used to restore sight to two visually handicapped people. Your loved one will continue to live through the eyes of the recipient.
  • Sankara Nethralaya

    Sankara Nethralaya

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    We pledge to meet the patients’ requirements by offering expert ophthalmic care with compassion through a committed professional team. We commit to achieve quality services through the Quality Management System while complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.