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Tattoo & Body piercing

  • Panther Tattoos

    Panther Tattoos

    We are one of the best Certified Tattooing Specialist in Chennai. We do both Permanent & Temperory Tattoos.

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    In India it was believed that the Indian body was not strong, healthy and beautiful until it was tattooed because the unpainted body was defenseless against disease. Even Indian divinities carried tattoos, according to the Hindu mythology Vishnu drew a tattoo on the hand of his wife Lakshmi for protection. As tattooing has already left a mark in the Indian history and culture we at Panther Tattoos are using the modern American techniques and instruments for tattooing.
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    Seeing the creativity involved in designing a tattoo and the deft and steady hands required for an artist, I began to realise that this was a field I could excel at, though far removed from my profession.