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Nursing Colleges

  • MMM College of Nursing

    MMM College of Nursing

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    The MMM College of Nursing dwells in a separate storied building exclusively for Nursing Education and provides conducive teaching-leaving environment. The lecture halls are equipped with black and white boards, overhead projector and LCD projectors.From modest beginnings two decades ago, the synergy of proficient practitioners, prudential management and providential guidance has metamorphosed this ISO 9001:2000 certified 'The Madras Medical Mission' into an organization of excellence that promotes some of the finest super-speciality tertiary care medical institutions in India, with superlative infrastructure, leading edge technology and accomplished professionals.
  • Apollo Nursing Colleges

    Apollo Nursing Colleges

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    The tiny seed that was sown two decades ago has grown into mammoth proportions and Apollo has spread its wings not only to the other states of the country, but also to the world across the seas. Today Apollo boasts of over 38 hospitals with 5,000 licensed beds and over 10,000 employees.The Apollo hospitals group has achieved the unique distinction of achieving accreditation for four of its hospitals at Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ludhiana in quick succession. Indraprastha Apollo hospitals Delhi became the first hospital in India, while Apollo Hospitals Chennai became the first hospital in South India to achieve this unique and coveted accreditation.
  • Meenakshi University

    Meenakshi University

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    The present world demands dynamism along with dedicated efforts which should come from within the candidates. The institute is setup to acknowledge and develop the abilities of the candidates by way of channeled disciplinary system which ultimately caters the path towards the demanding career that the students are prepared to meet. MAHER University of Technology is also associated with the cause which makes it even better for the candidates to get a proper recognition. The requirement is to develop a systematic channel of lines which segregates the path of students into a distinct hemisphere and with almost ten distinct discipline units to provide the dedication in the respective field.
  • Anbarasu school of Nursing

    Anbarasu school of Nursing

    Tagore Education Soceity

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    Anbarasu school of Nursing is sponsored by Dr.C Anbarau, Dr. K.C.Rajabather Educational and Cultural Charitable