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Wilde Tibre Ranch

Adventure Never Ends

Wilde Tibre Ranch

Full Description


The Wild Tribe Ranch is Chennai’s first Adventure Sports cum Outbound Training Arena. A division of Magic Land Ventures Pvt. Ltd., it is located at the scenic Andarkuppam village, a mere 40 minute drive from Anna Nagar.

At Wild Tribe Ranch, we are committed to creating memorable moments with world-class adventures and off-road excitement for families and groups, while always maintaining the most stringent safety standards and the highest quality of service.

To achieve this we have specially designed activities for different groups:

  • Families and Friends
  • Schools, Colleges, and Institutions
  • Corporate Groups

Whether it is just a fun day’s outing or a more structured Outbound Training Program to build camaraderie, character and team spirit, we are the only facility in Chennai to organize everything in a single location. From a choice of age-appropriate activities for all skill levels, to amazingly modern venues for training, a choice of accommodation options, and top quality food and service, we offer you everything you need in a beautifully designed rustic and serene environment, far from the madding crowd.

The Operations and Service Team has a Centre Head, who is assisted by 35+ trained Guides who oversee Rides / Activities / Safety Inspections / Guest Relations / Cafe / Housekeeping / Security, and other operations at the Ranch.


Safety is given the highest priority in all Wild Tribe Ranch Activities. The Wild Tribe Ranch has the following safety measures in place:

  • Emergency vehicle on stand by
  • First Aid Boxes
  • Fire safety – fire exit maps, fire extinguishers
  • Tie-up with a local hospital

Approvals and permissions :
Wild Tribe has obtained the required approvals from Fire and Health Departments

Micmac the Monkey is the much-loved mascot of the Wild Tribe Ranch.  ‘Micmac’ , meaning ‘my friend’ in the Native American tongue, symbolizes the fun and frolic awaiting you at the Ranch. He’s helped us design the rides – look around and you may catch a glimpse of his tail disappearing behind a nearby tree!

Call us at : 0 96770 67706
Timings : 8 am to 9 pm

E-Mail : info@wildtriberanch.com



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