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White Louts Infotech Pvt.Ltd

White Louts Infotech Pvt.Ltd

Full Description

White Lotus Infotech Private Limited is committed to delivering effective print and web publishing solutions. Our services extend to book publishers, educational institutions, organisations that maintain records and the financial industry. Our management team has been in the typesetting industry for over two decades and has extensive knowledge of Science, Technical, Medical (STM) books and journals, textbooks and reference material and also in handling graphics work.

Our strong resource management capability allows us to provide a flexible workflow structure. We restructure and reorganise our teams based on clients’ requirements. We also have dedicated teams handling regular clients.

We provide:

Short turnaround time
Competitive pricing
Client coordination, which ensures expected deliverables, which in turn increases clients’ operational efficiency
Long-term relationships which are mutually beneficial
Scalability for unique projects
Recently we acquired new premises for further growth and development. Not only is the infrastructure new, we have a plan for further expansion. We are delighted when clients visit our establishment.

We undertake projects in print and web publishing. We service clients in India, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the United States. Our client profile includes academic and reference publishers, university presses, web publishers and freelance publishers.

Our project management team coordinates projects efficiently. Our project managers are industry experts; they responsibly allocate resources to satisfy our customers by achieving the golden triangle of cost, time and quality.

Coordinate project cycle efficiently
Update stakeholders at all stages
Liaise with authors, publishers, editors and production team
Manage resources to guarantee productivity
Generate reports



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