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Vasanta Bhavan

Vegetrain Restarunt

Vasanta Bhavan

Full Description


Vastana bhavan is the chain of specialty vegetarian restaurants.started in the year 1969,in trichy. we became very famous serving quality of  foods  with excellent taste and with great hopitality from our staff.we target all categories of customers,because of strength has been to offers  tasty foods at economical prices.




Vasanta Bhavan restraunt was started in the year 1969. The name of vasanta Bhavan become famous on serving quality of foods.

The Value: Be the mother,adpoit a conscious  role of mother while preparing  as well as the serving    the customers. As a result demonstrate the following motherly values.

Love: Touch of warmth and affection in our behavior  towards our customers.

Concern Hygiene: Through systematic process ensure Cleanliness and hygine

Quick on Time: Adpot effective means to aspire to minimize  waiting time.

Innovation: Like the mother think creatively  to reach out of the children,we will constantly innovate.


33,Gandhi Irwin Road,






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