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    Mr.A.Vasuki, RMACS

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    Language, Language Services
  •  Chestnut Interiors

    Chestnut Interiors

    Mr.T.Iswariah , Chestnut Interiors

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    Interior, Wall Coverings
  • Car Servicing in Chennai

    Car Servicing in Chennai

    car service in Chennai, car care services Chennai, car mechanic in Chennai

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    MotorExpert is the best car servicing workshops in India tie up with certified automotive centers. You can Schedule a Car Pickup and Drop at anywhere in India. Currently we are servicing at Chennai will soon Bangalore & Pune.
  • Chennai Real Estate Agents Association

    Chennai Real Estate Agents Association

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    CREAA, which now has people, who are and been catering to multiple national Companies and Individuals in the areas of Commercial, Rental, Lease, Retail, Layouts and Residential Flats and Real Estate consulting for more than a decade across the state.
  • Amaricar


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    These products are sourced from leading manufacturers from India and around the globe directly and through trusted principals.Small volumes are purchased and sold by Amaricar to clients.For volume purchases,Amaricar arranges direct billing to clients from respective manufacturers to make them benefit from lower pricing and to avoid double taxation and to avail concessional duties while importing for hotels/projects.
  • Jahhan Travels

    Jahhan Travels

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    We served more than 5,00,000 satisfied customers and still we are counting more smiles. We are not just arranging the tours; we are making the life-time “SWEET MEMORABLES” through our services. We are specialized in Honey Moon Tours, Kerala Tours, Tirupati Darshan, Chennai & Pondy Tours and Online-Bus Booking, Train Tickets Booking, Air Ticket Booking.
  • Century Realtors

    Century Realtors

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    As the leading international real estate consultant in the Indian subcontinent we provide our clients with a number of services in the core areas of Strategic Consulting, Valuations/ Appraisals, Agency Services, Capital Markets, Asset Services and Project Management. Our guiding principle has been to provide our clients with tactical and strategic solutions that make real estate holdings more productive and economically efficient.
  • Kenmore Air Travels

    Kenmore Air Travels

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    With professionalism as its key motive Kenmore has always have keen on providing its valuable clients a pre designed set of itineraries, which will best suit the interest, and time of the traveler. Summer holiday or Honeymoon package or breakaway study tour or incentive travel; name it we have it readily structured at our travel desk. Culture and adventure coupled with excitement are the hidden secrets in the tour itineraries which can only be experienced by the discovering traveler as utmost care is taken to frame the itinerary
  • Bilimoria & Associate

    Bilimoria & Associate

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    Bilimoria & Associate is a professional firm providing the highest standards of service and excellent track record of success in all areas of immigration visas and related services. Bilimoria & Associate is also rated as one of the best Immigration Consultants providing services towards obtaining Residence visas.
  • Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust

    Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust

    Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust & RIO-GOH Research Foundation

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    When we have an excess of anything be it wealth, talent, knowledge, ability or experience we have an obligation to share that excess with others In ways that make a difference. From time memories philanthropists experience great joy and satisfaction in donating money for noble causes eg. (Annadhannam), Education (Kalvi Dhanam), Clothing and for Medical Treatment of the needy. The noblest of all donations undoubtedly is the gift of sight. Unlike other organ donation, which are from live donors, eyes are removed only after the death of the individual. Why burn or bury the eyes of your loved one when they can be used to restore sight to two visually handicapped people. Your loved one will continue to live through the eyes of the recipient.
  • Prem Computing solutions

    Prem Computing solutions

    Providing Personalized Services

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    Prem Computing solutions was founded by Mr. Rajkumar Narang and started its operations from August 1998 as With a Vision to Provide Retail solutions in the Pre-internet Days in terms of Both Software and Hardware. Activities Include Specialization in SAP, Shoper – Retail solutions, Tailorsoft, Tally, Data Recovery Services, Laptop services, Computer Hardware, Computer Rentals, Barcode, Retail Services like Implementation and Stock Audit Services and complete Support for an Entire Retail solution.
  •  International Rubber Tech

    International Rubber Tech

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    The conveyor belting line consists of a platen press and a Rotocure with a complete upstream line consisting of mixing, calendaring and build up, this provides a flexible manufacturing facility to produce conveyor belting of various thickness, as well as rubber sheeting. The extrusion line is a state of the art cold feed extruder with microwave curing which enables the manufacture of complicated profiles with very tight dimensional control.
  • Albert


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    The albert theatre has won prestigious maintenance Awards for many years.Movie has become a part of life in the south. Albert theatre in chennai screens all language movies every week. The Albert theatre complex with two theatres Albert and Baby albert
  • Connemara Public Library

    Connemara Public Library

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    The library was as part of a cultural complex that grew in the grounds of what was once called 'The Pantheon'. The entire complex now boasts buildings that reflect architectural unity, even while demonstrating the various stages of Indo-Saracenic development, from Gothic-Byzantine to Rajput Mughal and Southern Hindu Deccani.Connemara Public Library at Chennai is one of the four National Depository Libraries which receive a copy of all books, newspapers and periodicals published in India.
  • Trans Vision

    Trans Vision

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    tarted with the Vision to be a outstanding performer in this competitive industry. We are groomed in various field in shipping. We see every aspects of shipping work in a different angle as in the way of progress and get ourselves into 100% involvement to show our credibility and outstanding performer. As shipping is vast like Ocean. Every individual service is taken care by individual person to do smooth operation. Our staff are dynamic and expertise , regularly trained and experienced shared to know the current market situation and predict the future market. This training makes us sure to give an Un-beatable service to our customers. We always believe in our Team who understand our core business and act for the Win – Win situation to both the customer and company. Customer’s needs and wants studied closely and with our integrated logistics solution we make sure customer cargo reach at final destination without any hassle.


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    ESSENCO has maintained an in-house design department right from its inception and was probably the first Plumbing Contractor in India to offer detailed Working Drawings as part of its services. What was seen as an exception in the eighties has now become the norm in the industry. The core principle of the company – to approach Plumbing as a passion rather than a business – has been inculcated in all its employees. This has been a key value differentiator for our discerning Clients and probably our main success factor. ESSENCO (initially Nallaseth, Nair & Co) was established in 1986 when companies involved in plumbing contracts in South India were mostly small family-run businesses. Extensive international experience possessed by members of the senior management enabled the establishment of a well-structured professional organisation with a fresh approach to the profession.
  • Tamilnadu fire and Rescuse Services

    Tamilnadu fire and Rescuse Services

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    To provide Ambulance-service for rushing the sick and the injured to hospital. Services specially requisitioned for this purpose are given at a nominal charge for the service rendered. The rates of charging can be seen in the section Hiring Charges.
  • Cosmic Technologies

    Cosmic Technologies

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    Cosmic Technologies established in the year 2006, offers a complete IT-Infrastructure solutions, We offer the customer the advantage to either BUY or RENT or LEASE IT-Infrastructure , for over Six years we have been catering to Corporates, Small & Medium Businesses & Start ups. Some of the major Corporations across the country have relied on us to bridge their short- term or long term rental requirements for Trade shows, Conventions, Meetings, Road Shows, Seminars, Training and Special Projects.
  • General Cariappa Hr.Sec.School

    General Cariappa Hr.Sec.School

    Guild of service(Central)Chennai

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    The Guild of Service (Central) established in 1923 now enters its 87th year in the field of organized social service in India. It has been involved through 19 units, 4 projects in Chennai and 18 branches all over the country, in programmes aimed at the welfare and empowerment of the under privileged, especially women and children.
  • Vasanta Bhavan

    Vasanta Bhavan

    Vegetrain Restarunt

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    Be the mother,adpoit a conscious role of mother while preparing as well as the serving the customers. As a result demonstrate the following motherly values.
  • Ethiraj College For Women

    Ethiraj College For Women

    college with potential for excellence

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    In strengthening the core competencies, the college has been making steady progress. The college has a dedicated team of 283 faculty members who maintain academic excellence and about 6500 students who are the anchor to sustain the vision of the institution. The college has high standards of academic excellence and the zeal for constant updating and renewal.
  • VKC


    Pride of New World

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    The group then launched the first RPVC (Reprocessed Poly Vinyl Chloride) footwear manufacturing unit in the Malabar Area of Kerala. The success of the first Hawai unit and the RPVC unit gave a signal to the local business community on the vast potential in footwear industry which inturn resulted in a rapid change in footwear industry itself. Within a few years the number of Rubber and RPVC units in Malabar area grew to more than 80 which set in motion a vigorous growth in this sector.
  • Aquarium India

    Aquarium India

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    A freshwater planted garden aquarium is a unique and natural aquatic ecosystem we can create for your home. Planted or natural garden aquariums contain specially selected aquatic plants and fish to closely replicate beautiful underwater environments found in nature. Gardeners, teachers, doctors and experienced aquarists alike are discovering the many benefits of these beautiful aquariums.
  • Cakewalk


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    Welcome to CakeWalk Cakes! From an early age cake was a passion of mine. My first real cake was a chocolate cake from Bill Knapps Restaurant.
  • Kusal


    We Bloom when Nature Fails

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    re some of our blue-chip clients who have opted for artificial plants and flowers. In the present scenario of large centrally air-conditioned offices and the paucity of water prevalent today, natural plants rarely survive indoors and not only retail customers but also architects and designers prefer to include these in their planning and designing, right at the inception of a residence or an office.