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Ticket Green

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Ticketgreen.com is not just a website but its “an online experience” for entertainment. Long days at office, gruelling hours at home, tough homeworks – ur mind is asking “GIMME A BREAK”, we the promoters of Ticketgreen have gone through that grind and hence have created this online experience where you can respond boldly to your mind “Click at TG to Kick Boredom Out”. Our first step towards providing you that experience has been created and we will soon be introducing features to ensure ur mind doesn’t keep growling at you.

Ticketgreen.com (the flagship brand of Ticketgreen Solutions Pvt Ltd) currently provides you with comprehensive information about entertainment opportunities in & around your city and facilitate booking tickets to let you make full use of that information. We operate with a vision to make Ticketgreen.com be the first place to look out, whenever you plan to go out.

Hope you have an enjoyable & pleasant experience at TicketGreen.

TicketGreen — Your Click to Entertainment Ticketgreen offers a range of services and lets you choose what meets your needs. Our Bouquet of Services spans the entire entertainment industry and beyond such as: Movies, Events (Plays, Dramas & Concerts), Leisure Activities and Innovative Packages

At Ticketgreen we spend lot of our efforts in making ticket-acquiring process easier for you. Hence, you can book thru Internet, SMS, Phone, Kiosks and we are still adding

And more unique features to be made available in Ticketgreen soon….






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