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Sruthi and layam are the basics of any music and this fact interested Sri GoSwami to have his establishment’s name as ‘Sruthilaya’, when he decided to start a venture in the field of music instruments. ‘Veena Vahini’ – Goddess Saraswathi is the source of Education, primarily plays the instrument Veena which is established as one of the oldest instruments. This inspired Sri GoSwami to primarily start manufacturing Veena of good quality. Sruthilaya was started in l986 at Thanjavur the birth place of many music stalwarts.

Sruthilaya was progressing well producing excellent quality veenas which were manufactured to the liking of his customers not only in Tamil Nadu but throughout India and abroad. As the demand increased and as Sri GoSwami realized the importance of their presence in Madras (presently Chennai), started a branch office in Mylapore in the year 1994. This branch was inaugurated by the violin Maestro Kunnakudy Vaidhyanathan and slowly became the household name for the instrument VEENA. Then to cater to larger section of music lovers and artists, Sri GoSwami decided and started manufacturing percussion instruments like Mrudhangam, Tabla & Ganjira and Tambura in  different patterns & sizes.

The constant research in the manufacture of VEENA to give a better version have lead us to manufacture “Anna Mahalaya Veena”, a portable type which can be transported with ease without dismantling the instrument. Sruthilaya today is one of the largest export companies for musical instruments of all varities.

With the motive of serving music rasikas and the artists Sruthilaya decided to cater to the needs of every one in the music field and so decided to deal in all instruments be it Carnatic, Hindustani or Western instruments. Veena as ususal gets a centre stage here with an exclusive 2000sqft area functioning in the first floor. Apart from this books & periodicals and Audio and Video albums also have a big section. This ensures a visitor to the establishment not to get disappointed as every section of music is covered under one roof namely – SRUTHILAYA.

Think of Music and land yourself in Sruthilaya to get catered to the best

The Sruthilaya
93/3, Royapetah High Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600 004
Ph : 24994045, 24662918 | Fax : 91 – 44 – 24982625
Email : thesruthilaya@gmail.com | sruthilaya@vsnl.com
website : www.thesruthilaya.com



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