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Ayurveda is ancient – perhaps the world’s most ancient medical science. This holistic science of life is the cultural heritage of India, nurtured over thousands of years by sages and savants. It uses natural substances and herbs that not only heal but prevent reoccurrence of diseases. It offers comphrensive cure, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Diseases are treated not symptomatically only, but also by targeting the root cause. Its system of treatment is based on potent herbal combinations, life style adjustments, individualized dietary programmes and spiritual focus on yoga and meditation.
At Sk Ayurveda, Chennai, we rmploy the Three major objectives of Ayurveda namely:
To prevent diseases
To cure & bring relief to the sick
To rejuvenate a person of poor health
Just because Ayurveda is ancient, Ayurveda is not at all an out dated science. It is uniquely futuristic. It can counter any disease, from common cold to cancer and it can counter quite well. Ayurveda defines ‘svestha (well being / True health) as harmonious state of Tri – doshas, as the proper alignment of body, senses, mind and soul.
We, at Sk Ayurveda use No chemicals; hence no side effects. We develop the immune system of the body, detoxify the body and the cure is long – lasting. Every Ayurvedic medicine is a tonic also. It provides nutrition to the body and restores good health. Ayurveda has methods of detoxifying of the body of disease producing poisons. It is simple, affordable and natural. It prescribes not just medicines but the diet that goes with the treatment.


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