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Shriram Group

Empowering People Through Prosperty

Shriram Group

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The 60,000 Cr Shriram Group had its humble beginnings in the Chit Fund business over three decades ago. R Thyagarajan, AVS Raja and
T Jayaraman were the “three musketeers” who ventured into these businesses. Not many in the Financial services industry thought at that time, this small Chit Funds business in Chennai would indeed be the foundation for the financial conglomerate that Shriram is today.

The Shriram Way!

Shriram Group’s businesses strive to serve the largest number of common people. Consider these: Commercial Vehicle Financing, Consumer & Enterprise Finance, Retail Stock Broking, Life Insurance, Chit Funds and Distribution of Investment & Insurance Products. Our foray into Non-Life (General) Insurance, is again a strong expression of this commitment.

Industrial Investments

The Group has also made investments in Manufacturing, Value Added Services, Project Development, Engineering Services, Pharmaceuticals, Machined & Auto Components, Press Dies & Sheet Metal Stamping, Packaging, Information Technology, Property Development etc.

Helping Create Wealth. Empowering people through prosperity. Resulting in inclusive growth.

The relentless pursuit of this mission, since our inception in 1974 has given the Shriram Group our raison d’être and our distinct identity. The Group’s reputation for effectiveness, transparency and integrity has helped it to become one of India’s largest Financial Services Network.

The Group’s Financial Services Businesses manage assets exceeding Rs.60,000 crores, has 9.5 million clients, served by more than 45,000 employees, through 2400 Branches across India.

“Many different ways to help create wealth. One sure way to succeed”

Our core financial services businesses are housed under the holding company Shriram Capital Ltd: 

Commercial Vehicle Finance

Life Insurance

General Insurance

Consumer & Enterprise Finance

Financial Product Distribution

Retail Stock Broking

Chit Funds

Wealth Advisors

For more information on Financial Services, please visit www.shriramcapital.com




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