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Sales force in chennai

Sales force in chennai

Full Description

Customized training that works for your Salesforce.com implementation. As a corporate, you can choose the topics important to your organization and we would train your team on topics cherry picked by you.  Classroom Trainings are delivered at Client side for maximum benefit. We will travel to you ( anywhere in the world) to get your team up to speed on Salesforce.com. This might be for the sales team, Salesforce.com Internal Users, Administrators, Developers or Consultants.

Spend time learning instead of traveling. Your training class is small and personal. Each course is developed by salesforce experts focused on your success.
Enable your marketing, sales and business development. Automate lead generation. Learn Salesforce workflows, process improvements, analytics and forecasting. We show you how to accelerate your revenue growth.

We offer a variety of end-user, marketer, sales representative, administrator, sales manager, and pilot user training courses that help each individual implement and use Salesforce CRM to improve, automate, and ease their daily tasks. This task is accomplished by training and teaching users the basics and the intricacies of using their Salesforce.com CRM



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