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RMK Residental schools

RMK Residental schools

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In the eyes of society’s greatest thinkers, art is considered the mirror and measure of civilization. And truly, when we think of the range of human creativity expressed through different art forms like dance, literature, music, theatre etc. you cannot but see how essential art is for healthy development of every individual. Indeed, without art, life

With borders disappearing in a rapidly shrinking world, education takes on a global perspective. We strive to equip the children with skills and knowledge consistent with an international outlook retaining our Indian cultural values. Think of giving your child an experience that enriches their educational years. Only possible in a school called life.

Our school strongly believes in the learning philosophy outlined and dedicates itself to create the environment required for such learning.

Strong & experienced management
High-profile advisory board
Highly experienced team of educators
Emphasis on Student-friendly learning environment
State-of-the-art green campus
Distinctive facilities & modern amenities
Focus on Value Based Education
Stress free environment for children

Wisdom – The methods of instruction are designed to stimulate the innate abilities of a child and provide the right challenge to bring out the best in each child. Students acquire skills and knowledge through observation and application.

Culture – Children are given a wide exposure to the various aspects of our Indian culture. Appreciation of the vast literary, artistic and scientific heritage of India, explanations of customs & traditions and cultural motivation through hobbies & projects help our children to be sensitive and rooted in our culture and value system.

Physical Development – This implies good health and proper growth of children leading to the optimum expression of their overall well-being.

Safe Environment – A comfortable environment, personal attention of the teachers, maintains the emotional equilibrium of children at campus.



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