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“Medicine is not a trade; it is a calling where the physician not only thinks with his head but also with his heart.” – Prof. Dr.P.V.A. Mohandas


MIOT was founded in 1999 by Padmashri Prof. Dr. P VA Mohandas, with the vision of building a world class hospital in India. Starting out as a hospital specializing in Orthopaedics and Trauma, MIOT quickly grew into a premier multi-specialty hospital, continuously adding new departments that collaborate in the treatment of complex cases. From diagnostic scans and computer navigation to miniaturised instruments, the hospital has invested heavily in the latest technology, resulting in precise diagnoses, minimally invasive treatments and faster recovery periods.


The Beginning

The Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (MIOT), had its genesis as an independent wing of Vijaya Hospital, where Padmashree Prof. Dr.P.V.A. Mohandas and his team performed many a surgical impossibility in the field of Orthopaedics. Subsequently, his international travel exposed him to the highly impressive standards of hygiene and competence of medical services in the West. He grew obsessed with an overpowering desire to provide similar standards of professional health care in India. He left no stone unturned, no expense spared until in February 1999 MIOT opened its doors to the public. Thus, the seed of desire sown with dedication and nurtured with concerted effort sprouted and now stands before us as the imposing structure of MIOT – the virtual brainchild of Dr. Mohandas.


Mission Statement

To treat patients with courtesy, exceptional efficiency, with compassion extended individually, associated with prompt and timely service and sympathetic education of the patients regarding their health needs.


All these above would automatically result in “Putting the Patient First” which is MIOTs motto and logo.


Vision Statement

To bring the highest standards of expertise and skill involved in the treatment of patients, using the most recent sophisticated instrument techniques available currently in the world and to bring the benefit of these at affordable rates to the common man.


To strive for the best at all levels, which would enable MIOT to be recognized as the MAYO clinic of India by 2020.

Putting Patients First

Equipment, facilities, training programmes, nursing standards are all built around the guiding principle of patient welfare. Everything we do, we do for our patients recovery; freedom from pain; the return to perfect health; the resumption of normal life. Hence we encapsulated this in a motto – “Putting Patients First”. The symbol of a swan on every doctor’s coat and on signages all over the campus, is a constant reminder to all of us, everyday, of our motto.


Committed to ‘Putting Patients First’, MIOT Hospitals consistently upgrades skills and technology to offer the best in global healthcare. It’s the only hospital in India to win the Niryat Shree Gold Trophy (2004) for performance in theHealthcare Sector. MIOT is also known as a pioneer in several crucial medical and research fields.




Committed to ‘Putting Patients First’, MIOT Hospitals consistently upgrades skills and technology to offer the best in global healthcare. It’s the first hospital in India to win the maiden Niryat Shree Gold Trophy (2005) for performance in the Healthcare Sector. MIOT later won the Niryat Shree – Bronze trophy in 2010 and Niryat Shree – Gold Award in 2012. MIOT is also known as a pioneer in several crucial medical and research fields.


Innovating and Pioneering
MIOT Hospitals has been credited with breakthroughs in orthopaedics, pinhole and keyhole surgeries, nephrology, cardiology and paediatric cardiology. It pioneered Computer Navigated Total Knee Replacement and actively researches joint replacement techniques and materials that ensure zero error and longevity, as part of the Joint for Life programme. Recognising the need for joints customised to the Indian anatomy, the hospital is developing state-of-the-art and economical joints, a first in India’s medical history.


Primary Goal
MIOT’s primary goal is to bring to Indian patients the best in healthcare the world over. This took extensive investments in new technology and intensive training of doctors and nurses. MIOT being a multi-crore super-specialty hospital is nationally and internationally acclaimed for its professional standards and has collaborators in Australia, Germany and USA. The Hospital taps the advantage of this collaboration by sending its Doctors and Nurses to Germany periodically as part of its up gradation programme.


MIOT Hospitals
4/112, Mount Poonamalle Road
Manapakkam, Chennai – 600 089
Tamil Nadu, INDIA



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