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Meenakshi University

Meenakshi University

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Membership to the Department of Meenakshi University, Online Community is available to alumni only. In order to take advantage of all that your community has to offer you must register to establish a User ID and password. You only need to register for the community once. When you return on future visits, enter your User ID and password when prompted when you go to the member’s only areas of the community.

The unique separation of the core server from the storage engine makes it possible to run with strict transaction control or with ultra-fast transactionless disk access, whichever is most appropriate for the situation.

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The present world demands dynamism along with dedicated efforts which should come from within the candidates. The institute is setup to acknowledge and develop the abilities of the candidates by way of channeled disciplinary system which ultimately caters the path towards the demanding career that the students are prepared to meet. MAHER University of Technology is also associated with the cause which makes it even better for the candidates to get a proper recognition. The requirement is to develop a systematic channel of lines which segregates the path of students into a distinct hemisphere and with almost ten distinct discipline units to provide the dedication in the respective field.

Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research
No. 12, Vembuli Amman Koil Street ,
West K.K. Nagar, Chennai -600 078.
Phone No. (044) 23643955, 23643956
Fax No. (044) 23643958
Email id : info@maher.ac.in




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