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Karma Fitness

Karma Fitness

Full Description

Influenced by Cliff Hanger and Terminator, this once lanky lad dreamt of a body beautiful and started regular exercises. His early exercise regimes involved picking up heavy loads off a truck. After completing a course in fitness, he took gym instructions and quickly carved a path to glory in body building. He is the winner of titles such as Mr.Tamilnadu and Mr.South India. He has been a finalist in Mr. India competition.

Arunachalam offers his services as a Personal Trainer to those interested in fitness. He has helped many of them who have been advised to get onto a fitness routine, to achieve the desired goals successfully. If you are looking for a customised fitness program, then Arun is the right person to help you. Being a seasoned professional, Arun would be able to draw a perfect plan that best suits your need.

Special Coaching is available for those with special needs such as
Thyroid Problems.
Knee / Shoulder / Leg/ Back injury.
Post Pregnancy.

After completing a fitness test and understanding the lifestyle of the client a personalized nutrition plan is drawn keeping in mind the requirement

 Appointments can be fixed online or via telephone for consultations.
Special one time consultations for tourists and travelers are available on request.

  • Efficiency in work & performance
  • Resistance to diseases
  • Efficient functioning of various systems of the body
  • Slow aging process & Longevity
  • Proportionate development of body
  • Mental health and alertness
  • Preparedness of emergency
  • Success in games & sports







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