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Jusst Buy Cycles

Jusst Buy Cycles

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Life! The more simple we desire to make it, the more complex it became. The whole world is set for a race to make the most complicated lifestlye. Everytime we get a fortune from our friend, we give a return fortune. But what have we returned back to our eco system friend , though it has given us infinitely. Bloated figures, malfunctioning bio- systems, restless minds… outcomes of our modern lifestyle. Almost forgetting the essence of the walk in a breezy garden, cycling to burn a few calories, swimming in a nearby pond, while listening to cute little birds chirpping. Eco friendly lifestlye may make us live close to god’s paradise. Think simple! Think easy! Think green & eco friendly!

# 5/1, 10th Avenue 
Ashok Nagar
Chennai 600083
Next to Jeevan Super Market
Land Line: 044-23710810

Mr. Bhaskar: 98416 55502




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