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Full Description

Live web casting is a way of cost effective broad casting (transmission of liner audio and video content ) over the internet using the Streaming media technology. Using Live web broad casting, single audio – Video content (live events) source can be distributed to many viewers simultaneously.
IBC can lively broad cast any programs, functions, conferences, meetings, seminars, conventions, wedding functions and product launch events. IBC is competent to broad cast the live events clearly, with out any disturbance & interruption and viewers can visualize the live event from any where in the world.


IBC is always ready to BROADCAST the LIVE WEDDING FUNCTIONS AND LIVE EVENTS around the world to friends, relatives, family members those who are unable to be at the wedding can watch the function and all events with any computers and internet access. Any number of persons can simultaneously view the function via internet and computer from any where and any place in Cities, States and Countries.

After the LIVE BROADCAST , even IBC can offer the service of achieving the event so friends, relatives can watch the entire function on Demand ( watching when ever want). The function can be made as public or private, depends on the clients interest. For making the function as private we can protect the broad cast by giving some passwords.


Video on Demand the live events are captured, encoded, hosted and made available “ On – demand” . The Viewers can again and again view the live events as and when require for a limited time frame. The live content program is stored in the portal (server) for limited time frame and can be viewed.

Live Web casting and Video on Demand can save enormous money, times of many persons, reaches to many persons in a single time , helps to communicate with out any misunderstanding and avoids confusion and rumors.


Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. And thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective than ever before. Banks, retail stores, and countless other end-users depend on the protection provided by video surveillance. While analog CCTV systems were once the norm, they can be expensive, requiring complicated installations and constant upkeep. Fortunately, advances in digital technology have made video surveillance systems far more cost-effective, flexible, and simple to operate. Security systems using Streaming media server cameras are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized and scaled to perfectly match your specific needs. Network Cameras transmit data digitally over an Your Personalized Website With Password Protection.

Live Wedding

Surprised at the name? Now IBC offers an exceptional service of broadcasting weddings live on the Internet. Your friends and relatives need not miss your grand day just because of their travel and work constraints. When you register with IBC and create your own personalized web space, friends and relatives can watch the events of your wedding party from their computer connected to the World Wide Web.

Traits of wedding online
The occasion as captured by video cameras from the location of the function is broadcasted live for the benefit of friends and family who are unable to attend the wedding. The live compeering during the wedding is also transmitted which gives viewers a feel of the atmosphere.
Apart from live broadcasts IBC also archives your wedding video which can be viewed on demand later within the span of 30 days.
We have developed a guest book which allows webcast viewers to sign it and express their blessings and good wishes to the couple even while the wedding is on. Messages scraped are delivered to the couple promptly.
Other than weddings any important occasion such as birthday parties, inaugural ceremonies, receptions, anniversaries and the like can also be webcasted.
Webcasts bonds people in different time frames by allowing them to watch the video at the same time and also interact with each other through the text boxes.
Virtual Shows
Virtual shows is a tool, taking marketing to new horizons in terms of modernization. These shows offer embedded Flash webcast consoles. Multiple independent windows facilitate rendering of information and presentations. Professionals and Executives can literally join in business deals without physically meeting together, by means of virtual shows. Locations such as plazas, exhibit halls, auditoriums, lounges and resource libraries can be easily interconnected with the help of cameras and products marketed through the Internet. The unique feature of virtual shows is that total participation of attendees is made possible by transforming web casts into a virtual environment where users can interact. Message boards, text chat, vCard exchange and Speakers are the tools which help bring about the transformation and enable attendees to interact, inform and interconnect with exhibitors and sponsors.
User-friendly applications
IBC is committed to customer satisfaction and quality without compromise. The incorporation of the webcasts into virtual environments gives the sponsors, exhibitors and attendees a spectacular experience in online-marketing. The virtual booths (such as Plazas, exhibit halls, lounges etc.) designed for the shows can be custom-built to be appealing and meet the sponsor’s requirement.
Innovative Marketing & Sales Strategies
The advanced online marketing solutions such as online demos, presentations and webcasts facilitate virtual show producers to obtain sponsorships and gather audiences to view the shows.
Superior leads
Interaction amongst attendees, sponsors and exhibiters eases communication and enables composite messages to be put across easily. IBC’s expertise in understanding interests of marketing executives coupled with viewing behaviour of attendees helps render new and better leads for marketing.
Wide-ranging Applications
Human Resource events, Training events, marketing shows, Corporate Trade shows are some of the varied applications that IBC is catering to apart from webcasts.
Good Brand Recognition & Cost-Effectiveness
Virtual shows are cost-effective and prove handy in cost-cutting in organizations. There is good brand recognition through virtual shows as they focus branded product bids and allow interaction amongst users.

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