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ESSENCO (initially Nallaseth, Nair & Co) was established in 1986 when companies involved in plumbing contracts in South India were mostly small family-run businesses. Extensive international experience possessed by members of the senior management enabled the establishment of a well-structured professional organisation with a fresh approach to the profession.

At a time when Plumbing was a neglected profession wherein no education/training programme existed, ESSENCO pioneered in conducting in-house training for engineers and supervisors. This resulted in the creation of a team of talented, technically sound plumbing professionals. Many of these individuals have established their own consulting and contracting firms over the last two decades.

Realising early the corporate responsibility to contribute towards improvement of standards in the plumbing profession, ESSENCO actively participated in promotion of the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), the national body representing the plumbing industry. Mr. Sudhakaran Nair is one of the Founder Members of the IPA and has been its National President since 2006. Mr. Nair was elected to the Executive Board of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) – the global body representing plumbing organisations – in 2005 and served the Council for six years as Director. He was re-elected in September, 2011 for a third term of two years as Deputy Chairman. The company continues to contribute substantial resources for its voluntary work at IPA and WPC.

ESSENCO has maintained an in-house design department right from its inception and was probably the first Plumbing Contractor in India to offer detailed Working Drawings as part of its services. What was seen as an exception in the eighties has now become the norm in the industry. The core principle of the company – to approach Plumbing as a passion rather than a business – has been inculcated in all its employees. This has been a key value differentiator for our discerning Clients and probably our main success factor.

ESSENCO, now an ISO 9001:2008 company, is proud of the over 350 large projects it has been involved in during its operations over the last 26 years. The list has several repeat customers and include over 55 hotel projects, 40 software facilities, 65 residential and commercial projects, 8 hospitals, 8 institutional projects and 3 stadiums. Total volume of Plumbing & Fire Protection installations successfully completed so far is in excess of Rs.3250 million.

The ESSENCO team now includes nearly 150 staff members and over 600 skilled technicians based at our four offices at Bengaluru (corporate office), Hyderabad, Kochi and Chennai. The senior management who are recognised veterans in the profession, are actively involved in the operations. Additionally, a team of young Managers have been trained over the years to lead the company in future.

A vital but hitherto largely ignored profession in India despite the enormous volume in an ever-booming building industry! The few established and reputed Plumbing Contractors based mainly in Mumbai and Delhi had to be called upon to all parts of the vast nation to undertake projects of any decent size or sophistication.

ESSENCO has tried to fill in this vacuum since 1986. Exposure to international standards during a long stint abroad and constant monitoring of new developments in the outside world has enabled our team to introduce a certain level of sophistication on the projects undertaken by the Company.

‘Letters of Appreciation’ from our satisfied clients (included elsewhere on this website) stand testimony to our ongoing efforts and encourage us to continue to be different

The construction boom in the country is witnessing the creation of large and sophisticated buildings to cater to various kinds of occupancies. The ever growing concern of Regulatory authorities on the safety of the occupants has resulted in laying down of strict norms on fire safety needs.

The realisation that Fire protection systems, particularly Hydrant and Sprinkler systems are integral parts of the Plumbing profession is taking root. Avoiding the troubles of coordinating with one more agency and the advantage of more competitive prices when the contracts are of larger volume, have encouraged most Clients and Consultants to invite combined offers for Plumbing and Fire Protection works.

ESSENCO with their long experience in international and domestic markets has been a trendsetter for this new approach for almost two decades.

Projects completed and in hand include large hotels, hospitals, I.T parks, stadia etc., in addition to Residential and Commercial complexes.

ESSENCO always believed that it can contribute to the leisure and entertainment industry as well, in addition to safeguarding health and hygiene of the society. Non availability of sophisticated products to international standards required us to source them from the developed nations. Opening up of the Indian economy has now made our task viable. Products imported include fountains and swimming pool equipment from the U.S, Canada and Europe.

Several swimming pool and fountain projects have been completed on turnkey basis and many more are under execution. The Company offers total solutions including design, supply of imported and domestic products, installation and commissioning of SWIMMING POOLS, WATER FEATURES, WATER TREATMENT PLANTS, AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEMS etc..

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