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Dr.Agarwal`s Eye Hospital

Because Vision is Life

Dr.Agarwal`s Eye Hospital

Full Description

Dr.Agarwal`s Eye Hospital Limited has been promoted by Dr.J.Agarwal and his family members. The above company was incorporated in 1994, though the entire family has been in the profession of providing total eye care solutions for almost five decades prior to this, through various private limited company and partnership firms, owned by the family members. The Hospital has always been at the forefront of every medical advancements in the field of Ophthalmic care in the world and has several firsts to its credit. The Hospital is engaged in conducting continuous training and research and development programs and has over a period, developed an excellent team of highly skilled Ophthalmic specialists and surgeons, to assist in its growth plans.

The Hospital, after notching up an impressive success in TamilNadu, Anthra Pradesh and Rajasthan, is embarking on a major expansion program to increase its footprint to other parts of the country and renovation of its flagship facility at Chennai.
  • State of the art world class One Stop Super Specialty Hospital for complete eye care solutions.
  • Promoted by the Internationally renowned Dr.J.Agarwal & family, with decades of experience in providing total eye care solutions.
  • Recognised as one of the major eye centers of the world at the XXVI International Congress of Ophthalmology, Singapore – 1990.
  • Has several creditable achievements such as Micro Phakonit Cataract Surgery, Zyoptix treatment for correction of Myopia, Hypermetropia and astigmatism and Aberropia corrective treatment, Aberropia (a new refractive entity),

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye hospital has launched its 5 New Hospitals in Bengaluru on 18th January,2011. The branch was inaugurated by Dr.B.S.Yeddyurappa(Honurable chief Minister of Karnataka). This hospital is the a centre of excellence for complete eye care in the locality.

This hospital is equipped to deliver latest eye care Surgeries and Lasers which includes Advanced cataract surgeries (Phaco), Retinal lasers, Glaucoma, Squint and Oculoplasty, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Lasik etc. The Hospital also has the facility of Optical Stores, Lab and Pharmacy


19, Cathedral Road,

Chennai – 600 086, INDIA



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