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City Bean Bag

Complete Solution for comfort Fun and stylish designer bean bags

City Bean Bag

Full Description

We are One of the World Class Bean Bags Manufacturing company located in India having branches in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad for more than a Decade.

City Crafts is the Leader City Crafts is the Leader Among the Bean Bag Manufactures and it is a Boon to the Voluptuous World.

We Utilize State of the Art Equipment and have Developed several Improved Manufacturing Processes in a Successful Effort to Provide the Highest Quality Beanbag in the Industry, using Modern Equipment and State of the Art manufacturing techniques which allow us to provide quality products in large quantities.


  • Switch of all fans in the room before refilling and put them on only after bag refilled and closed.
  • Make sure there are no direct sources of fire in the room, example no lit cigarettes in ashtrays, burning gas or stove.
  • Keep children away from room when beans are being refilled. Small children find the exercise of opening the bag and removal of beans an adventure.
  • Please sweep and collect beans if spilled on the floor.
  • Do not let children play with the beans. There have been accidents where children have stuffed a bean in their nostril and have needed a surgeon’s assistance in dislodging the bean.
  • If the bag is stuffed in excess, the bag may be uncomfortable. In such cases, open bag and remove some beans to suit your comfort level.


33/6 , I Floor, Venkatanarayan Road,
(Opp Hotel Dakshin)
Nandanam , Chennai-600 035.
Ph : (O) 044-24330264 , 52126041
Mobile : 09884076644




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