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kids bean bags

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  • City Bean Bag

    City Bean Bag

    Complete Solution for comfort Fun and stylish designer bean bags

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    We Utilize State of the Art Equipment and have Developed several Improved Manufacturing Processes in a Successful Effort to Provide the Highest Quality Beanbag in the Industry, using Modern Equipment and State of the Art manufacturing techniques which allow us to provide quality products in large quantities.City Crafts is the Leader City Crafts is the Leader Among the Bean Bag Manufactures and it is a Boon to the Voluptuous World.We are One of the World Class Bean Bags Manufacturing company located in India having branches in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad for more than a Decade.
  • Thoumuz Bean Bags

    Thoumuz Bean Bags

    comfortable bean bags

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    a wide range of bean bags available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Our stylish and attractive bags are suitable for all be it young or old. The bags are easy to maintain and long lasting. The raw material used is of high quality which comprises of genuine leather and vinyl leather, parachute and denim material.highly authentic Printed Bean Bags, which are specifically designed in order to provide optimum comfort to the users. These are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. The ornamental value of houses can be upgraded using our bean bags. Timely delivery is ensured by our logistic experts.