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Birth & Death
Registration :
The Commissioner is the Registrar of Births and Deaths in Chennai Corporation
The Births and Deaths are registered and certificates are issued at all ten zonal offices by 24 Birth and Death Registrars from 1-1-1991. Prior to this period, (1879 – 1990) Birth and Death certificates are issued at headquarters (Ripon Buildings).
Around 1,10,000 Births and 39,000 Deaths are registered every year in Chennai Corporation.
Computerized Birth & Death Certificates are issued at the Zonal Offices.
The first copy of the Birth / Death Extract is given free of cast if the event is registered within 21 days.
Time limit for registration :
Without late fee – within 21 days from the date of occurrence of live Birth / Still Birth / Death.
With a late fee of Rs.2/- – above 21 days but less than 30 days.
With a late fee of Rs.5/- & with orders of Commissioner – above 30 days but within one year.
With a late fee of Rs.10/- & with orders of Judicial Magistrate or a Metropolitan Magistrate – after one year.
Name inclusion :
Without late fee from the date of live Birth – Within one year.
With a late fee of Rs.5. upto 15 years from the date of live Birth from 01-01-2000.
If the Birth occurred before 01-01-2000, the name inclusions are made by collecting a late fee of Rs. 5. till 31-12-2014.
A declaration & relevant documents from the parents is a must.
The name of the child once entered in the certificate cannot be changed.
Other Information :
Regarding the Registration of the following deaths, the reports are transmitted through the VSIS section, Corporation of Chennai.
City Death but outside city limit Burial/ burning
Moffusal death but burial / burning in the burial ground of Chennai Corporation limit.
In case of deaths occurring in one zone and burial/burning takes place in the other zone.
For deaths related to police investigation.
After registration of any Birth and Death, there is no limit in the number of certificates to be issued. The party can pay the prescribed fee and collect as many copies as he wants, at any time.
Vital Statistics Improvement Scheme Section
Its work is related to the improvement of Birth and Death Registration.
It guides the public regarding the Registration of Birth & death events in time, late registration (within one year) and court order registration etc.
It makes periodical Inspection to the major medical institutions and burial grounds to speed up the work of Birth and Death registration.



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