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Century Realtors

Century Realtors

Full Description

Talk to someone who has actually been through the mill of buying, selling or renting and they will tell you that the only thing you can be certain of is ….. uncertainty.

One often wonders whether ….

Am I buying property that has investment value?

Is my selling price the right one ?

Am I paying / getting the right rent for my flat?

At some point of time the buyer, the seller, the investor and the tenant find themselves unwittingly boxed into an avoidable, yet harried corner. There is however a simple alternative ……

Say hello to Century Realtors..…it would mean saying good-bye to uncertainty.

Finding buyers for sellers and sellers for buyers is not the only reason why you should consider calling on us.

We professionally assist you with

Friendly yet clear advice on what property to buy.

Objective analysis of current trends & future prospects.

Complete legal documentation.

Best price options for buying, selling and rentals of properties (residential & commercial).

Property Management……

Other related services like complete design & execution of interiors.

CBRE was the first independent international real estate consultancy to set up offices in the Indian Sub-continent with an office in New Delhi in 1994. Since then our operations in the country have expanded to other major cities.

As the leading international real estate consultant in the Indian subcontinent we provide our clients with a number of services in the core areas of Strategic Consulting, Valuations/ Appraisals, Agency Services, Capital Markets, Asset Services and Project Management. Our guiding principle has been to provide our clients with tactical and strategic solutions that make real estate holdings more productive and economically efficient.


Montieth Court 1st Floor,
64, Montieth Road, Egmore
Chennai – 600 008, Tamil Nadu

Telephone :+91 44 28553809
+91 44 42032930
Fax             :+91 44 28554006

Mobile        :+91 9840041113




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