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BApalal Diamonda

Beautiful, Precious, Mysterious.... A piece of Mystery in your hands,Fine diamond Jewellery

BApalal Diamonda

Full Description

A piece of history in your hands. Born in the depths of the earth, millions of years ago, diamonds are some of natures most precious works of art.

Diamonds were first unearthed in India. Through the centuries, India has borne some of the biggest beauties – like the famed Kohinoor.


How do you go about finding and buying your diamond ? Most practical thing to do is set a budget, find a reputable jeweler, then when you are finally down to selecting your diamond jewelry, just follow your heart. After all, diamonds are to be loved and cherished, forever.

Before you begin your search for your special diamond, let us tell you how diamonds are graded and priced internationally, and at Bapalal , so you can understand more about the value of a diamond.

Started in 1910, BAPALAL specializes  in diamonds and diamond jewelry…

Selected form source markets, superior quality of diamonds selected and used in the manufacture of the company’s product range. They then pass through the hands of master craftsmen, to ensure clients derive years of wearing pleasure.

Jewelry at BAPALAL centers on fine diamonds and widens to include a whole range of quality diamond jewelry – from classics like the 14-diamond earrings and nose-screws to casual wear and contemporary designs to investment grade solitaires.

Pranav, the only third generation member of the founders, heads the company. Under guidance of his father Harshkant S Mehta, he learnt to treasure the ethics that built the name. Being personally involved at all stages of manufacture, ensures that BAPALAL continues to offer clients only the best, as has been the company’s aim since inception.

Custom made jewelry is our speciality.



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