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Bapalal & Co. Jewellers is one of the leading manufacturer of gold and diamond set Jewellery, making a wide range of designs, both classic and contemporary.

A large highly qualified team of skilled craftsmen ensures that each jewel is a masterpiece that speaks for itself.

Craftsmanship of diamond jewellery is a sacred Indian tradition passed on through generations. Our people have enhanced the unique technique and skills which can be seen in our line of products. Each piece of jewellery is painstakingly made by our craftsmen. The quality of our jewellery is the result of the wizardry employed by master craftsmen, designers, setters and other specialists. The value of our pieces is achieved through a judicious mix of fine designs, high quality material, traditional craftsmanship and state of the art technology. Each design motif is inspired by the beauty of nature. The result is a unique piece of jewellery made to perfection by the ingenuity and creative flair of our designers. Nestling in velvet boxes or gracing the skin of the wearer, every Bapalal creation perpetuates the Indian tradition of new and classic jewellery.

Bapalal’s workshop in the basement of the building is yet another facility designed for your convenience.

Bapalal’s goldsmiths are also experts at restoring old jewellery. Here again, Bapalal’s reliability comes to the forefront.

apalal Diamond Collection contains an impressive array of Range, Ear Studs, Necklaces, Pendants, Bangles and Nose Studs including contemperoary versions of the traditional addigai necklace and the classic 7 stone marvel – the Bapalal Diamond Thodu.

Perfection for a Lifetime

The purchase of a quality diamond is a lifetime investment. And unlike many investments, your diamond will be a unique part of your identity, drawing admiring glances from others and bringing a special satisfaction to you each time you look at it.

The Bapalal Diamonds have a perfect cut including exact symmetry and proportions. Diamonds from top-grade batches are specially handpicked and carefully checked to eliminate diamonds with “doshams”. Thus only after diamonds have met the demanding standard of perfection upheld by Bapalal in cut, color, clarity and carat are they set in gold. What could bring more joy and more value over the course of a lifetime and lifetimes to come than owning the timeless beauty of a quality diamond?

Every piece of diamond jewellery is of superlative quality. Bapalal’s exclusive collection of jewels offers both classic and contemporary design.

 37,Cathedral Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600 086
Phone: 28113030, 28112138, 28110466 Fax: (044) 28110755


Business Hours: 10.00. – 7.00 p.m



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