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Ywcam hostel

Ywcam hostel

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Rooted in the Christian faith, the YWCA endeavours to emancipate women and girls, irrespective of race, culture and creed, and seeks to develop a membership that is responsive, through service, to the needs of a community in a changing world. The YWCA of Madras, provides a platform to vocalize issues that are plaguing society and ensures that aid is generated and made available.
Our aim is to encourage you to reach out and help the underprivileged. Whoever you may be – student, home-maker or software professional – we urge you to consider volunteering some of your time in serving the disadvantaged. The satisfaction gained from spending a few hours, transforming the lives of needy children and women cannot be measured. This page is a guide that provides information about the various community development projects and activities that are currently being conducted by the YWCA. Volunteers are always welcome!

BASIS : FAITH in God, the Father Almighty and in Jesus Christ, his only son, Our Lord and Saviour and in the Holy Spirit.
AIM : The Young Women’s Christian Association of Madras, rooted in the CHRISTIAN FAITH and subscribing to the BASIS as stated above, endeavours to promote the FUTURE DEVELOPMENT of women and girls IRRESPECTIVE of RACE, CULTURE and CREED. It seeks to develop a membership that is RESPONSIVE THROUGH SERVICE to the CHANGING NEEDS of the whole community in a CHANGING WORLD.
MOTTO : By Love Serve One Another

1078-1087/2, Poonamallee High Road
044 2532 4234



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