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Body Skin Art Tattoo Chennai YantraHaving worked as a Chief Adminitrative Manager in various medical transcription companies and call centres in Chennai, I was introduced to the World of Tattoos by a dear friend. I was rather fascinated and more than intrigued by the fact that the ancient art of tattooing which was common during our elders’ time was suddenly in vogue with the current generation.

Seeing the creativity involved in designing a tattoo and the deft and steady hands required for an artist, I began to realise that this was a field I could excel at, though far removed from my profession.

Having worked in Chennai, from the best of the best, I opened Yantra Tattoos in December 2011. Yantra Tattoos is one of the most Hygienic Tattoo Studios in Chennai with more than 200 GB of designs to choose from. If you have not already chosen your tattoo, I’ll be more than happy to help in any way I can.

For any other general enquiries please contact us via phone or email.
We do not remove tattoos and we recommend that you do some research into a well established laser removal studio before you let anyone attempt to remove your tattoo. If you are thinking about removing it before it has been done then our advice is DO NOT get tattooed!
When you come in for a consultation, please come with a few ideas as to what sort of tattoo you would like. In case you are unable to decide on your own, we will be more than happy to help you.

No energy drinks, alcohol or drugs before or directly after you get tattooed.
Don’t apply topical numbing cream to the area as it can affect your skin cells.
Don’t get the area sunburnt and your skin can’t be peeling.
It is very important that you eat a meal before you get tattooed.
Bring a soft drink or some sweets to keep your blood sugar levels up.
The sun will damage your skin and tone down the colours in your tattoo so avoid direct sun tanning and use a good sunblock to preserve your tattoo.
On dark skin, black ink is a better option as colour will not be clear or very visible (remember that the ink goes beneath the colour pigment of your skin).
We offer permanent tattoo and piercing in our studio.


+91 94442 27772

+91 44 43063050


35/85, Amman Complex – Basement,
Kodambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034.
Near Valluvar Kottam


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