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Y.R.G. Care/Center for Aids Research & Education

Y.R.G. Care/Center for Aids Research & Education, Tharamani, Chennai

Y.R.G. Care/Center for Aids Research & Education

Full Description

YRGCARE began its services in the year 1993. Over the years, it has gradually shaped and honed a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS challenge. Today its successful models of Prevention ProgramsLaboratory Services and Care and Support programmes have drawn international acclaim from UNICEFWHO and the Red Cross.


Our Vission
People with HIV and AIDS and their families live with dignity, and there are no
new infections.
Our Mission
To respond to the needs of those who are not receiving care, support, education, and/or information about HIV awareness and prevention.
Our Mission
    • To build awareness of HIV infection and promote safe and responsible behavior in the community.
    • To provide all people access to a non-coercive and non-stigmatized counseling, testing and continuum of care.
    • To maintain and develop YRGCARE’s human resources, physical infrastructure and organizational systems.
  • Advocate for individual rights and policies for a non-judgmental, supportive environment for people living with HIV and AIDS and people affected by the epidemic.
HIV is a very complex problem, touching on our lives socially, economically, culturally and medically. YRGCARE is one of the very few organizations in the world to offer services along the entire spectrum of the Prevention to Care Continuum. At the prevention end, YRGCARE offers awareness and intervention projects for adolescents, industrial workers and police personnel. 
At the other end of the spectrum, YRG CARE offers counselling, HIV and STD diagnosis and treatment. Along the spectrum it offers continuing public education through seminars, exhibitions, newspaper articles etc.
Objectives -
1. to prevent new infections in the community
2. to build support for responses to the HIV/AIDS pandemic


Description Sources of Funding Duration
Develop support materials for information, education and communication on HIV/AIDS and sexuality.
Translation of LEARNING TO PLAY SAFE in Tamil
OSB, Australia
The Ford Foundation (Supplement)
Conduct workshops for young people; Organize Continuing Public Education (CPE) sessions in Parent-Teacher Associations, Industries, Rotary clubs and other community leadership fora. The Ford Foundation, New Delhi 1993-1995
Summer Workshop on HIV/AIDS for young peer educators AIDSCAP
Develop a network of people living with HIV (since known as the INP+ – Indian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS) AIDSCAP 1996
Workshops on Gender sensitization, issues around sex work and awareness about HIV/AIDS as HIV/AIDS Advocacy for Police Officials on ‘HIV and Sex Work’. VHS-APAC-USAID 2000-2001

  • Advocates sexuality education among young people
  • Helps children and young adults challenge peer advised myths and misconceptions on sex and sexuality
  • Strategy includes structured interactive sessions with a facilitator as well as use of art form expressions such as street theatre, folk music, hand-crafts etc
  • Comprehensive programme covering young people at schools, colleges, community clubs, shelter homes and reform institutions”
  • First to include BODY SHEETS to assist young people to understand human anatomy and physiology. The booklet “Body Beautiful” serves as a self-taught guide for young people to explore their own bodies
  • Develops empathy for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • In 1994 and 1995 conducted youth led candle light marches in Chennai (6000 participants) and Coimbatore (4500 participants)
  • Peer Educators as a strategy for sustainability
  • “Whispers from Within”, a collection of narratives of persons who walked in to our HIV testing clinic and a discussion on the issues based on their true stories, in book and video form, is a widely sought after training material.
  • Collaborative work with the National Service Scheme (NSS), Commonwealth Youth Programme and with various social action groups such as Leo and Rotaract.
  • Awareness and sensitisation programs to industrial personnel; covering several departments of 26 industrial houses in Southern India.
  • A sensitisation program for prison authorities and prisoners at Vellore Jail led to a request for similar such programs

YR Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education, VHS Campus, Rajiv Gandhi Road, Taramani, Chennai 600113 India. T:+91 44 39106600 F:+91 22542939 E:info@yrgcare.org



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