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Vidya Enterprises

Mr. Prasanna Padmanabhan, Vidya Enterprises

Vidya Enterprises

Full Description

Vidhya Enterprises is a popular organisation based at Chennai which serves only best quality technology advancement product ranges which meets exports standard. We offer complete range of BENTONITE material to our customers .With our strong team expertise we do suggest and give end to end solution for selection of quality material to various soil testing and drilling applications onshore & offshore, Metros ,Pile foundation, Highways & Bridges.

In addition to this considering the diverse environment Water Treatment and its significance we supply advance range of Water Treatment Eco-friendly Chemicals Coagulants,Flocculants, Decolouring Agent and Sugarcane clarification Chemicals .

To enable electrical safety and protection of high value electrical appliances we introduced our PADSON 3G and PADSON 3C earth rods . Our both GI and Copper Earthing rods are high conductive non – corrosive nature with high thermal conductive terminal welding shielded zero defect hot dipped earthing solution. Also for mostering the earth pit our speciality manufacturing earth enhancement compound PADSON EEM – High specific gravity of EEM reduces the contact resistance between soil and earthing electrode.



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