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V V Internatioanl School of Swimming

Swimming Excerise is much more important for over weighted persons to lose their over weight through burning their calories . Since during swimming metabolic rate gets increased.So that colestrol Bloodpressure will be normal and no stress .

V V Internatioanl School of Swimming

Full Description

VV Swimming Academy provides a safe, clean environment for children and adults to learn and develop swimming skills. Swimming is a great activity. Swimming allows you to use your arms, legs and lungs all at the same time. This increases your acrobatic capacity as you are using all of your body parts at the same time.

Swimming tones your entire body improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility all at the same time. Your cardiovascular system in particular benefits because swimming improves your body’s use of oxygen without overworking your heart.

VV SWIM Academy programs ensure the leading edge in technique and holistic approaches

Anna University Campus,Guindy, Chennai 600 025




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