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Pioneers in the used cars business in India, T.S.Mahalingam & Sons was established in the year 1935. Seventy Five Years later, TSM today is a well known and well respected used car brand in the Country.

In an industry notorious for a complete lack of values, TSM has from the beginning been built on the values of Integrity and Honesty. Specific to the used car business TSM has rested on two value pillars –

(1) Both the seller and the buyer of a used car know exactly the deal each is getting.

(2) TSM has always represented equally the interest of both Buyer and Seller.
In other words a perfectly equidistant intermediary. Symbolic of TSM’s values – much before warranties on used cars were in vogue, TSM used to boldly advertise, saying that at TSM “a word is as good as a guarantee”.

These strong fundamental values have helped TSM not only generate, but also sustain and grow it’s goodwill and reputation in the market. TSM’s reputation and impeccable track record have attracted the attention of leading Banks, FIs and Insurance Companies in the country. Many of them today have TSM as their preferred Distribution Partner. Apart from this TSM is seen in the market as a major neutral reference point and benchmark for used car valuation. Government bodies, Public Sector Banks, IT Department, Wealth Tax Department and even Tribunals setup for liquidation of assets have used TSM as their source of valuation.

TSM’s growth has not been based `on its value system and reputation alone. As a Company TSM has constantly and consistently innovated to stay ahead. Based on deep customer insights; all its innovations have had one single agenda – Enhancing the Value proposition for customers. A list of some of the innovations.

(i) TSM was the first company in India to publish the prices of used cars in public (newspapers). These were in the form of price grids indicating the prices of various brands/ models of cars by their year of manufacturer. It was revolutionary and brought a great deal of awareness and transparency to used car prices. This started to become the basis of price setting in the used car market.

(ii) TSM pioneered the concept of Trade-in / Exchange programmes in the Automobile industry. For a long time TSM was the de facto trade-in partner for many automobile manufacturers and dealerships. This reflected the faith that automobile manufacturers and dealerships had in TSM’s ability and reputation

(iii) In the late 80’s when financing of used cars was done largely by individual financiers charging high interest rates, TSM by its tie up with Citibank helped give customers access to used car loans at affordable rates of interest. This made used cars affordable to a wider section of the market. It also helped organise the used car financing business.

(iv) TSM was the 1st to introduce the 20 – 20 warranty programme. Under this programme the customer can avail a warranty up to 20 Months or 20,000 kilometres from the date of purchase (whichever is earlier). This currently running programme was unprecedented when launched and is yet unmatched.

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