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Tele Link Automations


Tele Link Automations

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The Security Business Constantly needs to rediscover and keep pace with technology. Newer technology means more effective and powerful solutions, which in turn translates to peace of mind. We are the first choice and by far the largest supplier of security products for homes, housing societies, the banking industry and public institutions.

Securing your home and your loved ones is top most on your mind. Godrej, tha pioneer in offering Home Security Solutions, has constantly been delivering cutting-edge, more advanced security solutions to keep your family safe.

The Solus-i Wireless Video Door Phone is one such highly advanced security product that not only offers security product that not only offers security and safety for your home but also gives you the power to harness security at your fingertips with its wireless feature. You no longer need to come to tha door every time a visitor comes, but can easily access it from tha comforts of your home, be it bedroom, kitchen or any other corner of your house.


Ever wonder why the best batsmen wear a helmet? Are they fearful? Why army snipers wear Kevlars? Are they cowards? Or why a mountaineer uses a rope? Is he not confident? They are securing themselves in their quests to reach greater heights. And so must every human.

Godrej Security Solutions believes that every human has a right to a life of optimism, comfort and a quest for more. Whether in an organization or as individuals, this drive for more has to be launched on a foundation of safety, security and confidence.

Be Intelligent. Be Safe.



Ever wished to manage your business and employees even while away from work? Or tend to your elders and kids, when taking care of important assignments? Now you can! With SEE Uve, Keep a wathchful eye on your loved ones or stay connected to your office anytime, anywhere, with the first of its kind Office/Home CCTV by Godrej Security Solutions.

SEE Uve, with its special IP network, allows you to view live feeds of your home, office or any other place of importance. You can keep your kids close to you or even check up on your elders. All you need is an internet connection on your laptop or mobile to get connected to the camera. With SEE live, you are in charge of your office and home! .




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