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Full Description

Who are we?

We at tangy box are foodies , who dont eat to live but live to eat. so for us taste, quality, convenience and
hygiene are the boxes which needs to be compulsarily checked for each meal we eat from outside. Now comes reality,
its almost impossible to find restaurant that constantly lives upto the above expectations. Thus started our efforts to put together an online kitchen that never compromises on taste, home delivers health consiously,is pocket friendly and offers varieties that overjoys the staunch traditionalists, the haute modernists and the funky fusionists and all these put together, TANGY BOX was born.


Why online, why not phone?

We seriously believe once you start ordering online you will start to enjoy the whole process. Relax at your sofa or bed, login via phone, tablet or your computer, pick your menu, place the order, track your order real time and get it home delivered really quick.


Who are you, how do i trust you?

We believe that, it’s not how you feel while eating, but it’s how you feel after eating, that speaks volumes about the food. We have walked the whole mileage to ensure utmost quality, also the other fact is that we come up from a family who are involved in the restaurant business for more that 40 years. For example the oil that we use for cooking, its whole sale price is 50% more than the commonly used cooking oil’s available in the market. The simple plain reason behind all this is to eat food what your ancestors have been having, it’s good for your health and really delicious too. All the products that we are using is FSSAI approved products, also our kitchen is awaiting for FSSAI approval status.

We strive to bring in the best quality and best original ingredients for the menu. Some of the spices that we use are imported and hand pounded to maintain the natural aroma.


What to do now?

Order now from Tangy Box at www.tangybox.com and feel great while eating and after eating, this is our guarantee.





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