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Empowering Self Learning And Independence


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Smiling innocent faces and curious sparkling eyes will welcome you as you walk into Swabodhini, a school for special needs children. Despite the disturbing fact that these children are unlike ordinary children, it is very much inspiring to see the confidence and determination in them. This puts them a level above.

At Swabodhini, we help empower and instill confidence in these tender minds. A humane cause we strive for consistently, to help these children live independently. Born in 1989 out of a deep passion to meet the special needs of 4 children, Swabodhini is now committed to serve and empower nearly 100 differently able children. The agonizing fact apart, this increase in the number of special children also explains the growing awareness among parents in accepting these little differences in their kids and seeking professional help.

The school is housed in a serene locality in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, India. Our special school apart, from teaching and training differently able children, also provides speech therapy and occupational therapy services. We believe that the warmth, love and encouragement these children experience here will bring out their hidden potential and help develop their personality.

“Swabodhini aims to provide a social, academic and vocational program for children with special needs, by involving the school management, its staff and parents, through a team approach, and prepare them in adapting to varying environments, with greater independence”


To transform through education the lives of children and their families To enable students, where possible, to integrate into open employment and where not, to continue to support their ongoing needs

To aim towards building collaboration and partnership between parents and community resources

“Exceptional human beings must be given exceptional educational treatment, treatment which takes into account their special difficulties. Further, we can show that despite abnormality, human beings can fulfill their social role within the community, especially if they find understanding, love and guidance.”


21, Rajagopalan 2nd Street,
1st Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar,
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041.
Tamil Nadu. India





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