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A Digital Signature is an electronic signature. The purpose of electronic signature is to authenticate-the- identity of the sender signature of a document, and probably to make sure that the document or message content is original and it is unchanged in the transit. Electronic Signatures cab be time-stamped automatically, cannot be emulated by others, and easy transportable. The potential to assurance that the original signed document /message attained means the sender cannot simply deny it later.

Digital Signature can be used with any type of message, it doesn’t matter if is encrypted or not, so the receiver is assured that the senders massage and identity are intact. A digital certificate which contains the Digital Signature is issued by authority since it is easy to verify the authentication of the certificate.

Digital Signature generally used for financial transactions, income tax , and some time it is used to detect tampering or forgery.

Digital signature is the electronic signature and main purpose the digital signature is to authenticate the identity of the person. Information Technology Act 2000 provides legal safeguard to Digital signature.

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