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Santhosh Metals

Santhosh Metals

Full Description

We a Multi Shopping since 1982, which is owned by S. A. Santhosh Nadar and Sons. Our organization gives the customer satisfactions, customer services, quality assurance and the best price. We source our product across the Chennai city for the price and quality by optimizing the product availability and delivering them to the customers, the main objectives are the best prices, product availability, shopping methods, best quality and the highest customer satisfaction and services.

We serve customers for 30 years by their satisfaction on our services, because we value our customers by their needs and wants. We give the customer satisfactions, customer services, quality assurance and the best price We follow business ethics on consumer protections According to Mahatma Gandhi all life is TRUST and those having wealth should use it for the benefit of the poor, he said

A customers is the most important visitor on our premises”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Product services

We undertake services of all Brand cookers, mixer, grinders, gas stoves and all kinds of vessels items. Polising of old brass and steel articals Exchange of old article (scraps)

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available at any time at any prices

Terms and conditions

Gift vouchers is redeemable for merchandise at Santhosh Metal Corporation, Padi and Santhosh Super Stores, Annanagar.

No cash refund.

When purchase value exceeds the value of the gift voucher, the difference should be paid.

Validity for two months from the date of issue

The gift voucher is not valid without the signature of the authorized signatory and the company seal.

Saving schemes

Register your Name, Address, and the amount subscripted to pay in every month.

Collect your saving scheme card after entering it


Monthly subscription must be paid continuously for 12 months

After having paid the subscription for 12 months, on 13th month the member will be permitted to purchase the items of the maturity value.

Cash will not be refunded

Santhosh Metal Corporation
No. 173, M.T.H. Road,
Chennai – 600 050.
Phone No : 044 – 26246498
044 – 26259103
Mail ID :santhoshmetal@gmail.com




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