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Curtains or drapes also refereed to as Drapery, is used to create elegance and sophistication in your home or office. At RK Curtains and Blinds, we offer a signature line of custom curtains and drapes in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. RK curtains and blinds bring together a variety of window curtains and drapes that are recognized for the various patterns and design styles. We create a difference by using diverse fabrics like silk, terri – cotton and cotton. RK´s curtains and drapes are soon becoming a new way of window decoration in Chennai and Coimbatore.

What more you may ask? We at RK Curtains and Blinds also offer our clients a facility to customize helping them choose the right look and style fit for their homes. You will experience a touch of class and finesse with our splendid range of curtains and drapes… Our ranges of decorative window curtains and drapes enhance the aesthetics of your abode adding a hint of classic charm.

We make choosing window curtains and blinds easy –

  • RK offers a variety of fabric types that include silk, cottons and blends and a wide range of styles like solids, stripes, prints, patterns etc.
  • Options to customize from different drapery styles like French, inverted, bamboo and more depending on your home or office style.
  • Lining of fabric is another benefit with RK curtains and blinds as fabric lining is included with every drapery and optional interlining and blackout lining is optional.
  • We use only the strongest and finest quality of fabric which also undergo a stringent quality test before we manufacturing.

Tips to choose window curtains and drapes

  1. Choose the shade and fabric according to the amount of sunlight at different times of the day.
  2. Choose window curtains and drapes with lining as it not only protects and increases life of the drapes and curtains but also improves the insulation property of the curtain.
  3. Choose styles and designs that go with the flow of the decor in the house or office

Our curtains and drapes are also very effective in camouflaging awkward windows and other defects in the building. RK Curtains and Drapes create a sense of privacy in your aesthetically designed living room letting you delve into the luxuries of the life.

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