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Reliance Instruments Corporation is a heterogeneous organisation involved in manufacturing of sterilizing, disposing of biomedical waste and water distillation(multi column distillation). Incorporate latest technology in above fields. Other areas CGMP validation, process automation and consultation on turnkey basis for setting of CSSD. The company gained wast experience in metallurgy and welding technology which involves using of latest welding automation. The manufacturing division is well equipped under one roof for instrumentation, mechanical, press components and heat transfer components above all our electrical testing laboratory is approval by bureau of standard, 20 years old company.
The company is exploring its network infrastructure to various other countries and exclusive representative will be informed on request.


We are Specialists in Autoclaves, Distillation Unit and S.S Reactors.
Pioneers in Manufacturing of Sterilizers from Bench Top to Bulk Walk in type of various methods in Sterilization.
Click the following links to know the Information on Quality Assurance & Equipment Warranty / C.S.S.D & C.V.S.D for Hospitals
A central sterile supply department is a centralized system in a hospital for performing pre-operative sterilization. it is a pre-operative process for sterilizing components.
There are two types of cssd’s:
A full-fledged cssd.
Cost effective cssd.
Centralized vacuum supply Department to centralized the vacuum supply to the no of beds in a hospital from a single source of vacuum system . The system will consists of vacuumed switch and control valve . The creation of vacuum is automatically done by the system.
Process Automation
Auto Controller
Fully Automatic microprocessor based programmable controller with solenoid valve operation in which the temperature, stir time, drying time and pulsing can be programmable individually.
Pulsing Controller
The high vacuum model supplied with a vacuum pump and pulsing controller in which no of pulsing operations can be done prier to the sterilization .
Computer Interfacing
The cycle operation can be fed into the computer with help of RS 232.

Reliance Instruments Corporation
1986, H – BLOCK, 5th Street,
12th Main Road, Anna Nagar(west)
Chennai. Tamilnadu, India.
Te l – 044 – 26161920,
Fax – 91-044 – 26161920

email : reico@relianceinstruments.com


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