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Dream Accomated


Full Description

Ramaniyam grew out of the creative passion of the MD, Mr. V. Jaggannathan whose love of art and design guides the aesthetics of all our buildings. As a first generation entrepreneur he is a dynamic, hands-on leader of a young and dedicated team committed to learning, growing and constantly upgrading methods, materials and designs to produce high quality buildings.

Customizing the built up environment to accommodate your dreams and to be in harmony with the natural environment; fostering good community living through the use of the best in technology and design.


To Build

  1. Customized, eco-friendly, well maintained residential complexes that support harmonious community living.
  2. Aesthetic, functional, high quality commercial spaces and offices.
  3. Service apartments that offer comfort, proximity to commercial hubs, and access to good transport facilities.

Supported By

  1. Use of technology, innovation and the best materials to consistently deliver high quality buildings.
  2. Clear titles to your properties
  3. Timely delivery
  4. Life time maintenance


  1. Guidance in selecting the property to suit your dreams
  2. Work closely with you in customizing your apartment/office
  3. Loan assistance
  4. Assisting you in the upkeep of your premises to add value to your investment


No.17/35, 2nd Main Road,

Gandhi Nagar,


Chennai – 600 020.




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