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Raj Television Network LTD

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The Raj Television Network was started in 1994 to provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family. With programmes targeted at young and old, male and female alike, the Network has positioned itself as The People’s Channel.

Through its Five channels – Raj TV , Raj Digital Plus, Raj News 24×7, Raj Muzix, Vissa the network presents its viewers a smorgasbord of some of the best shows in South Indian entertainment today.

Due to its close interaction with the local market, the Network has come to understand not just the South Indian entertainment industry, but also the needs of the South Indian audience, their culture and aesthetic sense.

This understanding when combined with a strong commitment to content development has resulted in a combination of programmes appealing not just to South Indian viewers in urban and rural India but also to those outside India.

Any television channel is only as popular as its shows and at the Raj Television Network, there is every effort being taken to ensure the audience gets just the right mix of music and dance, entertainment and information, film and fantasy.

The Network runs a number of popular serials presented by some of the best names in South Indian films today. These in combination with a number of popular chat shows and game shows give the network an edge with the viewers.
In addition the Network has built up a library of some of the best in Tamil And Telegu films from the nostalgic old favourites to the box office hits of today.

In today’s world information is the catch word and the Raj Television Network has capitalised on the increasing demand for news that is unbiased, timely and accurate.

Today, the Network is equipped to give you the news the moment it happens and has often been the first to air the news. But speed while important, has never been at the expense of sensitive and accurate reporting.

Today, we are at the dawn of a new millennium. News and entertainment are more important than they have ever been before. But with the growing competition, it is the people who will choose, who will decid what they want and what they do not.

The Raj Television Network understands this. A lot of effort is being taken to ensure that the programming mix appeals to people of all ages, of all backgrounds making it truly a People’s Channe


CHENNAI – 600 018
PHONE : 044 24334149, 24334150, 24334151,
24351898, 24352926
FAX : 91-44-24341260






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