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Pet Corner

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Furry’s is one of the leading pet care providers in the city of Chennai. We specialize in providing end to end customers centric pet care solutions. Our solutions ensure you the physical and the emotional well being of pets have been taken care of. Pets have now days become a part & parcel of life i.e. Indispensable, so it’s our duty to make them happier, and we have thinking of innovative ways for the past 23 years in order to make them happier. Our “lifestyle” solutions ensure that your pet receives nothing less than the best.
We are for pets, and the experts on whom you can rely open for your dogs, cats, birds, fishes, rodents and reptiles. Our services are custom designed for each & every animal based on the pet parent’s requirements & we don’t induce our solutions.
We are a professional and ethically managed organization guided by a visonary management. We aim to be the first and the last in pet care governed and guided by our own ethical policies & procedures.


Dogs have achieved a special place in our lives. They are the first choices of pets for most of the people who opt for them. Recent research studies have pointed out that dogs helps in controlling tension and relieve ourselves from stress. Children who grow along with dogs tend to be more brighter & intelligent according to latest studies. Through their unconditional love dogs have earned a special place in our lives. The domestication of dogs actually started in about it’s by the neolicthic era, the true man-animal friendship started to blossom.


Choosing a Puppy:

Choosing a puppy is one of the very challenging tasks. Buying a puppy is very easy but buying one which suits us and our purpose involves a whole lot of research.

Mongrel or Pedigree:

Mongrel – Country Dog’s
Pedigree – Breed Varieties.
The dilemma whether to go for a mongrel or pedigree is a ever green one. Most of the people believe mongrels are very intelligent than a pedigree animals. This have become true in a number of cases but scientific evidence proves pedigree dogs are more intelligent. Mongrels should not be looked down. A upon as they make excellent pets and provided hey are easy to maintain and posses natural defence against diseases.


The choice of pedigree dogs is governed by three different factors:

Place of residence


Reason to choose a dog such as security, companion and spending quality time.

Place of Residence:

Choice also depends on place of residence. In flats people can go for smaller varieties of dogs in bungalows larger varieties.


Capacity to spend.

Types of puppy:

There is another classification, which group of dogs the customer prefers.
Small – speitz, pug, chihua.
Medium – corker Spaniel, King Charles Spaniel.
Giant – St Bernard.


The never ending question of whether to choose a bitch or a dog. Much of the decision depends on whether you have children in the house and the ability to prevent bitch from wandering when in season.

Where to buy?

There are three choices:
Pet shops


Friend Of all the three pet shops prove to be a safer option because the whole process is monitored by a vet.


Healthy pet:

It’s desirable to buy a healthy puppy. Check for the head, a wet and a cold nose, a pink tongue and white teeth. Skin should be free from infection and also check the ears. Puppy should be cheerful and walking on all the four legs.


Settling in the new arrival:

The first few days are crucial for the puppy. The pup has been separated from its mother, never leave him alone. Don’t allow it to be handled by children because they may tire him. Check the vet for a proper diet.



House Training: 

The objective is to make the puppy attend to his natural functions in the garden. It’s not difficult as well. It involves a whole lot of patience. It involves usage of voice & reward. The routine begins early in the morning. Put the puppy in the garden stay with him until he is performed. Then he should be rewarded with smile & “Good Boy”.  To emphasis where he’s going use the words “Garden” keeps the number of words a minimum. Repeat this every few hours once.



Caring for your pet:

Owning a dog brings many pleasures & pride but it also has it own share of responsibilities.





A puppy needs the correct amount of foods for the right time. Enquire with the breeder the puppy’s diet and start feeding him based on that it is at this stage the puppies can be converted from mother’s milk to semi-solid food. But don’t over feed him. At ten weeks he should be fed five times a day. The amount should be exactly what the puppy can have. At about 15 weeks the dog would start refusing milk & its time to move to a adult diet.




Few things are worse in the home than a ragged coated smelly dog. He would be a eye sore in the house on the other hand a well groomed dog is a pleasure to look out. It should be started from day one in a puppy. He needs to get accustomed to grooming. First let him think it’s a play time so that he takes interest. Then gradually train him to stand still while Grooming its includes brushing of hair, trimming of long hairs, clipping of nails, bathing and cleaning of ears.



Exercising the animal:

Regular daily exercise is a must. But the amount required varies. A large breed requires more than an hour while a toy requires thirty minutes. It should be started from the puppy stage. First step is to get him accustomed to a collar. This can be done during play. But collars should be removed at night. After a collar attach a light cord. First leave the cord to make him realize its part of collar. But it’s a gradual process. After getting used to collar & leash show him that he can be guided. Pull gently at first.



Travelling with your dog:

It’s a very tricky process because most puppies are as sick at first. So first take him to short distance in a car to a local shop. He would surely vomit at first so take care of your car interiors and make sure they are protected. If he is still sick after long hours consult your vet. During summer time ears gets heated quickly so the dog may suffer heat stroke. To minimize the risk of sourness. Open the windows & park car in a shade atleast opnce in a journey.



Boarding Kennels:

Many parents at some part of time have to put their dog to a boarding kennel. Consult your vet to get a hygienic kennel. Before leaving your dog check the cleanliness by yourself. Discuss the diet with the kennel owners.



Barking, Howling & Baying

Nothing is worse than living next door to a dog. Some dogs bark by nature. Puppies can be trained not to bark. After 2 or 5 barks say a big “No”. He would get the message. With mature dogs the problem is worse but in most cases it’s mainly because of loneliness. In case of continuous barks consult your vet.




Some dogs bite adult and children but there would be a legitimate reason for this. Most pet parents of snappy dogs know their dogs propensity to bite and take due care but make sure they don’t come in contact with strangers. There are reasons why a dog would bite. He may be a snappy breed which is protective of property.Dogs when festered by children. Old age dogs loses tolerance.



Of all the domesticated animals the cats are surely one of the most fascinating and beautiful. The wonderful feature of cat is that the more we understand them, he more we would admire them. In spite of thousands of years of domestication they still manage to retain their independence. They grace our homes & love us loyally but they get hurt very easily. Cats are among a few animals which can be house trained, they are clean, fastidious creatures who spend hours each day keeping themselves washed. Cats are adorned for a variety of reasons such as inscrutable personality and character of these delightful animals that captures the imagination. But in short life has never been dull with a cat.


Choosing a kitten:

Kitten or grown cat:

The first decision is to go whether for a kitten or grown up cat. If we don’t have the time to look after a kitten in the early days then we can go for a mature one. But they take longer time to settle down. If we have more amount of time its best to have a kitten.



If it’s a kitten:

Ordinary or pedigree

The next step is to decide whether it’s an ordinary or a pedigree cat. Ifyour looking out for an pure unconditional love then an ordinary one would be enough. If you looking for uniqueness and shows then a pedigree cat would fit your bill.



Where to buy a kitten

In case of ordinary cats you can get a healthy one in your surroundings and you can even visit an animal shelter. In case of pedigree cats you can get them from a pet shop or a breed.



Selecting a kitten

Male or Female:

This is the stage in which we have to decide about the gender. Both are equally affectionate so preference should be only based on intent whether to breed or not. A male when matured would be fully involved in marking his territory & defending it. A female would present problems during on heat. So we must keep her at bay. We can also neutered a cat if the need arises. After the sex selection the next step is selection of a good kitten. Check its skin, ears and the area under the talc for any infections.




Getting him Home:

While getting him home a travelling basket would be the right option. After reaching home let them to explore the new environment start feeding him based on what the person from whom you bought says. The litter tray should be available if possible use the same kind of litter which he’s used to. Once he’s settled look out for the veterinary check up & vaccination schedule.



Caring for your pet:  

Feeding your cat:

If your kitten has been newly bought to home the best option would be to continue the existing one. But one thing we need to remember cow’s milk lead to diara. If this happens change to evaporated milk right away. But the options are wide open try avoiding tinned foods at first. We can give him fish but ensure whether its properly cooked. The amount of the food that is fed should also be taken care of. If your cat is settled to a basic menu then try introduce to tinned food. But the amount given should be increased every day as he grows older. Try introducing vegetables like beans, carrots in his meals & maintain a time for his meals.



Hygiene & Grooming:

For the health of both the family & pet a hygiene level is necessary. The tray should be clean & tidy always. A weekly inspection of ears, teeth & coat is a must & in case of a long haired cat grooming is necessary.



Training & discipline:

Cat being very intelligent can be trained easily. There would be no problem with training but we need to get him use to it by showing it to him. If he is not responding properly don’t reprimand him because it would lead to fear & resentment. A scratching post is necessary which is an essential piece. An old piece of wood would be enough. Get him used to a collar at a very young age because adult cats resist use of them.

Pet Lifestyle Stores

We proudly announced the introduction of a new concept called pet lifestyle stores under this new concept products & services are based on the customers taste & preferences for the pet. We bring you the best range of pet supplies ranging from food toys and treats two acceseries our products are sourced from a variety of indian and overseas suppliers our products can be bought and by odering through phone or by visitung us in our stores. At both the stores we have all the essentials for pets. Very soon we would be expanding to different location.

Pet Grooming Services

We specialize in offering door step grooming services which also include manicure, pedicure and other beauty treatments.

Pet consultancy services

We help you in choosing and also get the right pet for you. A lot of factors from the customer are taken into consideration while choosing the right pet. And our team of vet’s gets the right one for you.

Pet Healthcare Services:

Regular treatments and vaccines are administered at are centers. We also help you in maintaining the correct health & diet for your dog regular updates would be provided. Regular surgeries also undertaken.

Pet Behavioral Services:

We arrange special training & behavioral classes at your door step handled by professionals.

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