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Olympic Wedding Cards

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Olympic Wedding Cards

Full Description

Established in 1962, OLYMPIC CARDS LIMITED. Our company is the Manufacturer and Supplier of Invitation cards for all occasions. The company provides best quality cards as well as well crafted kudhan meena works and also high quality printing services covering all segments of field. The Founder Mr.N.M.Habibullah, and the Chairman-Managing Director Mr. H.Noor Mohamed, is tycoons in printing Industry with 46 years of experience. A dedicated, talented and Well Determined Young generation is behind them for innovations.

Olympic was incorporated in to a Public Limited company in the year 1992 April. Since then, the company had a vast expansion on all fields in the invitation Cards Industry in India. The company went on developing with latest technology and young generation’s idealist works on this field which leads to high quality-level, quality control, which increases its reputation and goodwill and also established classical standards in the industry like perfection, reliability and quality. Olympic is always a monopoly in this industry since 1962 even then many new competitors are there in this field.

Marketing & Sales

The company has showroom for its sales in the heart of the city in Chennai in N.S.C bose road (opposite to Broadway bus terminus). This showroom together is considered as the world’s biggest showrooms in this line of business. The company has its own sales showrooms at Kodambakkam & Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai and one more at Coimbatore. It has also appointed a fleet of agents and franchisees all over Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerela. Plans are afoot to open atleast 10 branches (showrooms) at various busy locations at Chennai. Plans are afoot to appoint franchisees all over India within a short span of time.

Development & Customer Services

Ever since the company gave way to young generation Ideas the company has experienced vast development in various departments like designing, printing, etc. The Company has the infrastructure for the effective production of the best quality at a huge level and on-time delivery. Olympic offer various facility to its customers like proof mailing, transporting the goods to their request, attending their queries – and providing solution, etc. It’s a single platform, where most of the customer’s needs are satisfied for any kind of ceremonies and function As for the customer satisfaction we also give them free service of reminder-sms* to their guest from 2 days earlier to the function.


The company exports its products to foreign countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka and Dubai. Plans are afoot to raise its export turnover considerably.



Bldg No. 162/1
Lattice Bridge Rd, Indira nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai
044 4550 4105




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