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Net Master

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  • Netmasters was founded with a vision to grow as a visible Technology Training Company. The Company focuses in training and Consultancy in the areas of Systems and Networking and other Programming areas also.
  • Each instructor is a Certified Professional in the relevant software or operating system. Many of our instructors have extensive practical experience in their field of expertise. Thanks to quality performance of our outstanding instructors, Netmasters is today acknowledged as among the leading training centers for certification programs.
  • Netmasters instructional sites are well-equipped facilities with fast computers and up-to-date networks. Each student has access to an individual workstation for every class session.
  • Our carefully designed training programs ensure that each student maximizes his/her hands-on experience by practicing with the same software and hardware they are likely to use in business environments


No.9 Ab Block, 2nd Avenue,

Annanagar Near Annanagar Roundana

Chennai – 600 040

Phone: 91 44 26213254 , 26222296

Mobile: 91 9841010634



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