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Master Kraft

Master Kraft

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From Master Kraft manufacturers of innovative designs come the modular Kitchen and Bedroom units that you have always dreamt of and wondered if you would ever own one. Blending elegance with superb practicality, luxury with functional simplicity, a Master Kraft Kitchen or Bedroom brings a new dimension to the hub of your home and the center of your lifestyle. We have chosen the best raw materials and fashioned them in the styles best suited to our type of modern living. We have given them breath-taking colours and finishes to make the most exciting room in your home as well as well as the easiest to work in, the easiest to maintain and fresh-as-new for many years to come.

We, Master Kraft, make sure that it is the room in which you are the happiest and the room that you will want to show your honourable guests first.

We now welcome you to the world of Master Kraft. Come on in and discover a new design for living.


Soft, Subtle and Pretty Special
If you are looking for the coolest kitchen around, this has got to be it with a choice of smart colours & designs, Laminated plain face in Gloss or Suede finish, Square edges and matching Cornice and Light Baffles.

With this model, Master Kraft takes a page out of the modern style book and writes something completely elegant. Its Gloss or Suede fronts have Postform Vertical and Horizontal rims in matching or contrasting PVC edge band


This aesthetically designed kitchen will open your eyes and widen your horizons with a versatile selection and delicately contoured and Pigmented Polyurethane Lacquered fronts in Gloss or Satin finish with moulded edges.

If you want to create a truly stylish kitchen, then the possibilities are almost endless with this up to the minute and trend setting design. Smooth Pigmented Polyurethane Lacquered in Gloss or Satin finish with built-in Solid wood handles perfectly complement the sophisticated combination and creates a different atmosphere of its own but something truly individual. Try mixing and matching them together – the effect can be electrifying.


New #199, Old #89, 1st Floor, T.T.K. Road,
Alwarpet, Chennai – 600 018. 
Tel : 42030096 / 43009484 
Mobile : 98401 23548
Email : masterkraft@sify.com

Website : www.masterkraft.co.in





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